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A Note to Our Residents About Online Payments: ​

Fees: Zego/Paylease is an optional service with a convenience fee to use their online payment service. Paying rent  by money order or check at the rental office in person or using the drop slot under the office window will avoid this fee. E-CHECKS: $1.95 fee. This option is available from the 26th to the end of the month and the first to the 3rd of every month. CREDIT CARDS: Fee is 2.75% of the amount, plus the base fee of $1.95 rounded up to the nearest 95 cents. (For example, a $250 payment would have a 2.75% fee of $6.88+$1.95=$8.82 rounded up to $8.95.)If you are setting up auto monthly pay, you may want to avoid a day of the month that does not exist in every month of the year, such as the 29th-31st, opting for the 26th-28th or 1st-3rd of each month instead. These fees exist outside of the late fees charged for payment on the 4th or after for late rent. Personal checks are not accepted for late rent. Reserving an apartment, the initial move in amount and late rent can only be paid by money order, cashier's check or online payment by credit card.

The system will notify you that there is a "processing delay" of up to a few days, which is normal. As long as you submit your payment before the opening of business hours on the 4th day of the month you will NOT incur a late fee. The system will time stamp your transaction and the office will credit your payment according to the exact date & time you hit the "submit" button. FOR EXAMPLE: hit submit up to 8:59:59AM = no late fee, 9:00:00AM or later = late fee must be included. In addition, since it is our policy not to accept personal checks once rent becomes late, the same goes for e-checks; from the 4th to the 25th of each month NO e-checks or debit cards are accepted (only credit cards). To pre-pay  rent by e-check or debit card, you must wait until after the 25th of each month. If rent becomes late, you can still use the online payment system to pay by credit card only (or as always you may still bring a money order to the office in person). Any payments that are initiated (or "submitted") AFTER the opening of business hours on the 4th that do not include a late fee or are made by e-check (regardless of the amount) will be automatically rejected by the office. Please remember that once rent is due the office does not accept partial payments, so if you're unsure of the total amount due call us at (520) 721-7346 BEFORE submitting any payments. If you have any issues while trying to use the system it is best to call Zego/Paylease to answer your questions on the online payment process at 866-729-5327.

, our application fee is $50 per adult. A $200 Non-Refundable Administration Fee is required to be paid at the same time. In consideration for those amounts, you are requesting we hold either an apartment unit, or to be placed on our waiting list. 1) Upon execution of the lease, the above amounts will be applied to the fees required under the lease agreement. 2) If you notify us within 48 hours of the date/time timestamped by Zego/Paylease of your decision not to lease the apartment, or if your application for residency is declined, you will forfeit the application fee but will be entitled to a refund of the non-refundable fee. 3) If neither 1 nor 2 above occur, all amounts noted herein will be considered liquidated damages and I will forfeit all claims for a refund of said amount.
If you are applying to be PLACED ON THE WAITLIST, we do not check your info to qualify you for an apartment until we have one to hold for you. Once an apartment hold has been confirmed, the above will apply.  

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